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At MonitorClosely we offer a full range of Video Verification and Video Alarm solutions. Whether you need to add Video Verification to your existing system or you're in need of a completely wireless solution, we have you covered.



Some jurisdictions now require that an alarm be verified prior to dispatching the authorities. Unfortunately, with traditional verification processes, precious time can be lost during this procedure. WIth our Video Verification solutions this requirement can be met while continuing to provide rapid resonse.

Other benefits include:

- ​Increased safety by immediately identifying valid threats

- Reduce false alarms and unnecessary dispatches

- Increased response time due to a verified alarm

- Can be installed virtually anywhere

....and many more!

When seconds count, rely on Video Verification solutions from

Completely Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Video Alarm System


At MonitorClosely we offer a completely wireless Video Alarm/Verification system that can be used as a standalone solution or easily integrated into an existing ​alarm system.

These systems are very effective and have regularly proven themself in the following applications:

- Construction sites                                          - Boats and marinas

- Electrical substations                                    - Schools

- Cell towers                                                      - Large developements

- Storage lots                                                    - Perimeters

- Vacant buildings                                            - Temporary storage

- Rooftops (to protect HVAC equipment)     - Containers and trailers

....and much more!

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