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"I had been using another well known company whose service was terrible. I could never reach a representative to go over my needs or concerns. Eye-D, formerly MonitorClosely, and in particular Shannon Fox have been great. They are always there to answer any questions. I would recommend them for their professionalism, service and commitment to service my account."

Sy Desloges

After experiencing three break-ins at my construction site, I realized something needed to be done in the form of security and/or surveillance. I spoke with several companies while searching for one that could provide security for my job sites while offering a knowledgeable staff, backed by great service. As a result of Shannon’s knowledge and their commitment to service, I chose to work with Eye-D, formerly MonitorClosely. Once the system, which also included signage and an audible alarm, was installed and setup, we have not experienced anymore break-ins. The customer service has been excellent. Shannon has been flexible, tolerant (of me), and is always willing to come onsite and help us. My experience with Eye-D has been nothing short of great. I definitely feel they have added value to my company and I recommend Eye-D to anyone needing the same peace of mind.

Bernie Griwatz – Home Builder



"I never saw the need for an alarm system until I came home for lunch one day to realize I had been broken into.  It was a horrible feeling knowing that someone had violated my privacy.  The biggest problem I had was not for my stolen belongings but for the well being of my 2 daughters.  After calling around for some prices I decided to go with Eye-D, formerly Monitor Closely.  Their rates were very competitive but they also gave me that home town feeling.  The installation was quick and easy and was put in very professionally.  The system is very easy to use and the staff is more than willing to help out in any way they can.  There was another attempt at a break in, to which the alarm system worked just like it was supposed to.  Within minutes the sheriff’s department was called as well as my cell phone.  Thank you Eye-D!!!  Not only for scaring away the perpetrator but for giving my family some peace of mind.  I only wish I had done this earlier."

Tim Coley


​“My experience with MonitorClosely was fantastic. They listened to my needs and did not try to sell me on something I did not need. They were able to install quickly once I decided to move forward and were flexible with the time for my installation. We had an old surveillance system which was the worst if you wanted to review the night before or find a specific time or event. The process was very straightforward and I knew what I was getting and was very pleased with total experience.”

John Van Allen, Knotty Vines Liquor Store


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