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Digital Video Surveillance Systems

At Eye-D, we understand that a pre-packaged or warehouse system will not fit most people's needs. We will custom design and build a video security system to meet your exact application.  From a single camera to hundreds of cameras, we have you covered.

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Welcome to the world of HD


Are you still stuck in the grainy world of analog? What good is a surveillance system if the video quality is so poor that it doesn't allow for positive identifications.


At Eye-D, we specialize in High Definition (HD) video surveillance systems. We can replace your existing analog system with a full HD solution. We can even keep your existing analog cameras and integrate them within a new HD system.


Contact us today and SEE what you have been missing!

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From standard analog to ultra high definition IP cameras, we offer a full range of solutions to meet your exact requirements.

Each solution can be configured in a multitude of styles including:

- Dome style

- Box style

- Outdoor

- Vandal proof

- Covert

- Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ), etc.

In addition, each camera can be configured with additional features such as Infrared (Night Vision), Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Back Light or High Light Compensation (BLC/HLC), 12/24VDC, PoE, Wireless, Thermal Scanning, and much more. 

NVR DVR Cloud Recording Asheville Johnson City Gatlinburg
Recording Solutions


Since each customer's requirements are different, we offer multiple recording options. Solutions include:

- Standalone embedded Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

- Standalone embedded HD Digital Video Recorders (HD-DVR)

- Standalone embedded Network Video Recorders (NVR)

- Custom PC based NVRs & DVRs

- Edge based recording (internal at the camera)

- Offsite Cloud based hosted storage

All options offer remote viewing capability via your PC or smartphone. Each solution can be custom tailored for those that only need one camera at their residence all the way up to a company that needs to cover multiple sites with hundreds of cameras.

Video Analytics Asheville NC Johnson City TN Gatlinburg
Integration and Analytics


We offer many forms of integration into our surveillance systems. These solutions include:

- POS (Point of Sale)                              - Access Control         - Burglar Alarm

- LPR (License Plate Recognition)        - Gate Control            - ATM

We also offer advanced analytics in our ClearVision series. Analytics include:

- Object Tracking       - Missing Object Detection            - Visual Automation

- People Counting     - Unattended Object Detection    - Scene Change Detection

- Face Detection        - Camera Focus/Shift Alarm          - Crowd Detection

- Temperature Scanning   - Vehicle/Person Detection   - Face Mask Detection

Click here for example videos of our analytics
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