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Home & Business Automation and Energy Management

Whether you would like to conserve more energy or have more control in regards to the activity within your home or business, Eye-D has the perfect solution. Our automation and energy management solutions easily integrate into our security systems which allows you to have complete control over the critical systems at your property from any web-enabled computer, tablet, or phone.

Smart Home Business Automation Asheville NC Johnson City TN Pigeon Forge

Our solutions allow you to:

- Set your home or business to warm up or cool down based on multiple schedules

- Create automatic lighting schedules that can help deter criminals

- Remotely lock or unlock your doors from anywhere in the world

- Receive real-time email and text notifications whenever a thermostat or lock status has changed

- Turn your lights on or off remotely

- Control your gate or garage door from any web-enabled device

- Remotely adjust your thermostats

....and much more!


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