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Commercial Solutions

How can security solutions from MonitorClosely help your business?

We can help you:​

- Remotely monitor your business from home

- Reduce Theft & Inventory Loss

  - ----- - Reduce Accidents

- Reduce Workman’s Comp

- Increase Employee Productivity

- Reward Good Behavior

- Create a Safer Environment

...and much more!

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Residential Solutions

How can security solutions from MonitorClosely help you at home?

We can help you:​

- Remotely monitor your home from work

- Improve Family & Child Safety

- Reduce Vandalism & Burglary

- Deter Intruders

- Reduce Stress When Away From Home

- Reduce Insurance Cost

- Reduce Energy Bills

...and much more!


Temperature Monitoring

As a society, certain events occur that alter the way we have to conduct business. Thankfully, technology adapts and is able to help us streamline these processes.

Currently, we are experiencing a need to monitor someone's body temperature. We offer custom solutions that allow contactless thermal temperature scanning. Solutions can also be configured to detect the presence of a face mask. In addition, our solutions eliminate the need of having someone physically scan which helps keep your employees safe and out of harms way.

Contact us for a FREE Thermal Temperature Scanning quote today.

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We are located just outside Asheville North Carolina and serve customers throughout Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee.





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